Songs to words by Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski


We present here fragments of e-mails and letters sent to us. They are very important to us - we make sure in the belief that what we do makes sense!

Ryszard S., Szczytno.
At the beginning I wanted very, very, very thank you for the disc and the emotion that causes us this singing. This is not easy music, it is not easy poetry, but among the flood of commerce is as invigorating spring from which to draw and draw ...
Mr. Jarosz is a genuine artist and his music comes straight from the heart (emotional any false - and yet I think - making music for poems Baczynski could be too intellectual, but here it is not). I believe that by interpreting maintain the best ratio between word and music.
Great respect for what you've done together and I wish that we could hear you "live"!
I like to go back to those songs and still discover something new in them, which previously escaped somewhere, which was not yet "matured" ...


Józef F., Poznań.

Finally Baczynski himself was duly music and interpretation.
I have not heard such a beautiful Polish music that reinforces the importance of the words of the Poet.
You can listen to it and listen and each time seems to be more beautiful. Endlessly discovering something new.
Singing at the highest level of communication. Dreaming big voice and vocal capabilities.
A beautiful gesture on the part of artists.
Congratulations and greetings.

Iza Bagińska, Warsaw.

Beautiful performance ... sensitivity that takes your breath away ... BRAVO!
Willing to come to a concert to listen to you live :-)


Peter M., Szamotuły

Thank you very much and congratulations at the same time, hats off!


Barbara S., Connecticut, U.S.A.

Dear Barbara,
I received yesterday your CDs! I am listening now and many times already! I love all the songs! You sing beautifully and Matthew's music is amazing! Thank you very much! I will play your CD for all my English friends and family here in the USA.
Thank you again, Barbara! I love you!


Paul B., Szamotuły.

I am impressed by the huge!


Lucy S., Krakow.
For several days I listen to your Baczynski. This is a great experience.
Your subtle, muted interpretation is acquiring. Wonderful timbre, modulation. Music excellent. I'm thrilled! I listen and listen. Why such talent?
Cordially greet


Eve and George K., Krakow.

Madam Barbara,
Thank you for great poetry sung by Lady and the ability to live the Spirit Baczynski.
Congratulating great show, warmly greet.


Katarzyna Gąsiorek, Kraków.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a romantic encounter with K.K.Baczyński poetry, presented in a new light, and I very much hope to re-experience this soon ...!

Magdalena Bodurka, Kraków.
Thank you for a wonderful evening, an evening of poetry Baczyńskim which is very close to me. I love it and absorb all together!
Performance of the song by Barbara Figurniak was masterfully done. Combined with the music of Mr. Matthew Jarosz - brilliant. Gave the overall nature of the work Baczynski. Big compliments and thanks for this magical time.
I embrace you tightly


Mariusz Łuniewski, Kraków.

I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to contribute to this-I think-the extraordinary event. After several hearings CD keeps my mind - very good music, a great selection of texts.
I keep my fingers crossed for the initiative.


Tomasz Król, Żory.

Beautiful lines, dressed in beautiful music. This is a very good choice lines that have been wrapped with different sounds. The songs are like the rays in the night, the darkness that engulfed the world. As the rays of the sun, which sometimes are difficult to break. Wszystkie rays I like, some are already favorites. Well, the voice of Mrs. Barbara unique, though created for the song.
I wish you luck, success and many inspirations for future work on new music.
Yours sincerely.


Eve S., Krakow

Miss Basia,
just listen to your songs, emotion appeared at the beginning, after several hearings - gives a lot of thoughts, and at the end put into a state of relaxation. The text is beautiful and that voice! Miss Basia, has a beautiful voice ideally suited to these songs. Music (sound) fits perfectly, it creates a kind of climate (Lullaby song is marvelous). I start to regret that have not previously been interested in the work of Baczynski.
I did not expect so many emotions while listening to music.
Relied upon "Lullaby":) I listened to it for hours :) I am caught in this song!
Yours sincerely
I admire and congratulations!


Andrew G.,

For me, it is a fully professional performance!
I am smitten.
Every word is beautiful. Great reading!
Of course, the word K.K. Baczynski are great, but the music and vocals enliven them and give another dimension.
The whole is more than the poem. Really excellent. Congratulations!
It gives me an idea of the whole. This is an ambitious task, and, as to say, after hearing "Lullaby", very well executed.
Singing Baczynski is a challenge! and it is excellent! I listened a few times and really, really like it.
Thanks a lot.